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Un-Jailed Americans Part II


Lloyd Blankfein - CEO, Goldman Sachs

Whichever parts of the recent destructive, unnecessary, and greed-based economic bubbles weren't inflated or burst by Gollum Greenspan were surely orchestrated by Goldman Sachs, aka, the Vampire Squid. With former and future executives at every level of government and a hearty embrace of capitalism's profit-first mentality, Blankfein's company has become an unstoppable money making machine. Even when it was shown to have ruined investors and clients with the Abacus Fund deal, it only got a $550 million fine.  $550 million?  Goldman makes that chump change in the time it takes most people to bounce a mortgage check.  Blankfein famously said he's doing "God's work."  Apparently, God likes to manipulate and control information in order to double-deal on His creations:  Hiding Greek debt, promoting shady California bonds, funneling information to Raj Rajaratnam's insider trading scheme, filing false financial reports, getting a few backdoor billions from the AIG bailout, and, of course, the creation, marketing, selling and, most impressively, the betting-against of subprime mortgage derivatives.   As GI Joe said, "Knowing is half the battle."  The other half is not-knowing, and when Goldman's clients and fellow-citizens do not know what they know, they win.

Blankfein's Goldman Sachs treats the economy as its own rigged casino, controlling the games, rules, money, and players. Though you've probably never seen a vampire or a squid playing blackjack, you've also never seen one in jail.

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