EXCLUSIVE: Papillon II - The Prison Diary of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

EXCLUSIVE: Papillon II - The Prison Diary of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Day 3 - Wednesday, 18 May 2011, 4:15 PM

I, DSK, have endured much. The humiliating arrest on the airplane, the locking of the cuffs of the hands, the body-cavity search, the filthy police holding cell and court of criminals, the gibbering, disrespectful paparazzi. Especially the body-cavity search. Mon Dieu, the indignity! The savagery!

Yes, these are the dark hours of my soul. But I, DSK, persevere. The lawyer Brafman, he is telling to me, “DSK, you must say nothing to anyone of this case. You must write of it not even in your journal, for it could be seized by your enemies. The Sarkozy cabal has allies here—yes, right here in this jail. Trust no one. Not even me!”

But I, DSK, who have always cried out for justice and truth and the reforms required for the IMF to make financial stability serve the international community while fostering growth and employment, cannot remain silent.

For my accuser, you may be surprised to learn, I have a certain sympathy. Though a paid agent of the Sarkozy cabal, she is also a member of the exploited underclass of the Third World. Thus she seduces me expertly, as instructed, and then cries rape, just as so many others like she have done to me all over the world. Yet here in this barbaric city, she is taken seriously. Imagine it! I shall not allow my sympathy for the oppressed to blind me to her treachery. As Camus had said, “To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” It is all too easy to take advantage of a man in my position, especially one who is irresistible to the ladies and has still the robust life of sex at the age 62. In the repressed Anglo-Saxon world, this is a recipe for the danger, is it not? Perhaps I was naïve to believe that I could allow this woman to have her way with me without the consequence. But understand as do my countrymen: I am a man and I have my needs. I fulfilled them at my peril and now I must pay the price. Instead of dining a deux tomorrow with the very attractive Chancellor Merkel in Berlin, I will sit in my dungeon to again face alone the lethal sandwich du Bologne.

Such is my fate at present. But one day, I promise, I, DSK, indomitable and unbroken, shall prevail. Like the Count of Monte Cristo, vengeance will be mine.

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